"Demo Reel 2015" Demo reel showcasing my student work


"Tape Player" is a procedurally animated reel-to-reel tape player where reels are animated with simple expressions, and the needles were animated with a CHOP network being driven by an audio file. An accurate model of the "Akai GX-630DB." Responsible for all aspects. -2015

"Fireflies" is a short, abstract soundscape that I created with original music. The concept was to create a scene that imitated stage lighting, as if one was viewing a live performance. I am responsible for all aspects.What I got the most out of doing this piece was increased time management skills and good experience with seeing an idea through from concept to completion. -2015

"Lotus" is a short personal project of mine where I really took a stab at using the Arnold rendering engine for the first time. I am responsible for all aspects, including modeling, texturing, look development, lighting and compositing. For this I used Maya, Mari, and Nuke.

For the worn and tattered art direction, I drew inspiration from the beautiful lotus flower, which grows in the swamp. I tried to portray that contrast in this piece. -2017

​After a storm, alien forms settle on the outskirts of town in "Visitors."

This is an example of my personal work, where I am responsible for all aspects.

Modeling and lighting done in Maya, texturing done in Substance Painter 2, and rendering done with Arnold. -2017